LOS ANGELES, CA – With the buzz building leading up to awards season 2017, certain movies are rising to the top of critics’ shortlists. Among the favorites is La La Land, a modern musical starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend and others. The movie has been praised nearly universally, with many critics citing its musical numbers and score as particular highlights. The film is currently nominated for six Golden Globe awards, including Best Original Score and Best Original Song (“City of Stars”). Composer Justin Hurwitz has previously worked with the movie’s director, Damien Chazelle, and they again came together to bring this triumph into theaters. Hurwitz scored the film and wrote the music for its musical numbers, and the lyrics were composed by musical theater duo Pasek and Paul. All of the music ended up being recorded at the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at the historic Sony Pictures Studios. For mastering the material, producer Marius deVries and Music Mixer/Score Recordist Nicholai Baxter looked no further than mastering facility The Bakery – also located on the Sony Pictures lot. The Bakery founder and chief engineer Eric Boulanger, along with assistant engineer Jett Galindo, mastered both the Original Soundtrack album and the score album for all formats, including vinyl.

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