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Audio and vinyl mastering | The Bakery MasteringHere you will find helpful information about many facets of audio production and the music industry. From audio technology and vinyl production to spotlights on independent musicians, and many more. We hope to enlighten as many musicians as possible about what goes on behind the scenes and unveil any confusion as to how musicians can prepare their music for the mastering stage. Come back here often for new content!

Center Stage

Indie Spotlight: Tom Freund

Tom Freund is a folk rock, americana and alternative rock singer-songwriter & multi-instrumental hailing from Southern California. Mastered by Doug Sax and Jett Galindo.

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Indie Spotlight: NuBorg

NuBorg is Norwegian singer-songwriter & music producer Gunhild Nyborg’s latest project. Vinyl cutting by Doug Sax and Eric Boulanger.

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