Studio Director

With a career spanning 10 years in the music industry, Jaymes brings to The Bakery® team an eclectic skill set and expansive experience ranging from studio & artist management, project management, performance and concert production.

Jaymes ‘cut his teeth’ working as the Studio Manager of the legendary mastering facility, The Mastering Lab. There, his passion for music and education in Technocultural Studies, English and Philosophy from U.C. Davis intersected, blazing a path to a bright future in music. Since his TML days, Jaymes has forged a multifaceted career as a project manager for The Recording Academy – Producers and Engineers Wing and as an artist consultant and concert producer for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Singer Eric Burdon & The Animals. Coming full circle, he now is elated to reunite with his old pals from the TML days at The Bakery® to help facilitate the next generation of pioneering work in the field of audio mastering.

Aside from his work at The Bakery®, Jaymes is the founder/guitarist/songwriter of  The Jelly – Ventura County’s 2017 Breakthrough Artist of the Year, as well a travel and whiskey enthusiast.