High Resolution Audio

From 24 bit / 48kHz to 192kHz Masters

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High Resolution audio downloads are the future of digital music. As content providers such as AppleHDtracks and Pono continually expand at exponential rates, we hear the demands for higher quality digital music are louder than ever.

High Resolution Mastering | The Bakery MasteringIt is an integral facet of our work that the consumer hears the music as the artist, producer and engineers intended it to be heard at the highest possible fidelity.

As current audio technologies have caught up to these demands, there are more than a few great reasons to consider reproducing your work at a high resolution.

As a pioneer in audio excellence, our main goal is to provide you with the best sounding product possible. We strive to maintain the sonic integrity of the music while optimizing the digital audio file for the best translation from our DAW to the online store shelves.