Apple AAC format

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masteredforitunes-colbiecaillatEric Boulanger was the first mastering engineer to master a Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) release with Colbie Caillat’s “All Of You” album.

The Mastered for iTunes MFiT format was the direct result of the collaboration between Apple and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

Led by mastering engineer and NARAS Steering committee member Eric Boulanger, Mastered for iTunes MFiT was created to improve the quality of downloaded music. MFiT aims to advance the burgeoning digital download industry and enhance the listening experience for music fans around the world.

Eric Boulanger wrote an article in the December 2012 issue of Mix Magazine regarding the Mastered for iTunes MFiT format.



Vinyl Cutting, Reference Lacquers and Master Lacquers

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Vinyl room | The Bakery MasteringEvery element of our vinyl mastering signal chain utilizes custom-designed electronics for exceptional sonic clarity. Our custom half speed cutting system, combined with our skilled and experienced vinyl mastering engineers, ensures the very best reproduction of your music for the medium.

We recently upgraded our cutting system electronics and machinery. This way, we continue with the very award winning service upon which we built our reputation on.

Vinyl Mastering | The Bakery MasteringOur goal is to create the very best sounding vinyl masters in the world, and with more than 200 million records pressed from our master lacquers, we continue this legacy of having more records nominated for Engineering Grammy’s than any other cutting system in the world.

Ask us about our Vinyl Production Package, and the many ways we can optimize your music on vinyl!



From 24 bit / 48kHz to 192kHz Masters

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High Resolution audio downloads are the future of digital music. As content providers such as AppleHDtracks and Pono continually expand at exponential rates, we hear the demands for higher quality digital music are louder than ever.

High Resolution Mastering | The Bakery MasteringIt is an integral facet of our work that the consumer hears the music as the artist, producer and engineers intended it to be heard at the highest possible fidelity.

As current audio technologies have caught up to these demands, there are more than a few great reasons to consider reproducing your work at a high resolution.

As a pioneer in audio excellence, our main goal is to provide you with the best sounding product possible. We strive to maintain the sonic integrity of the music while optimizing the digital audio file for the best translation from our DAW to the online store shelves.


Audio Mastering for CD and Digital Distribution

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Audio mastering | The Bakery MasteringThe Bakery’s mastering philosophy stems from over 45 years of sonic excellence upheld by Doug Sax of the famed Mastering Lab. Our mastering signal flow features a wide array of custom electronics. From the tape machines to our equalizers, compressors, limiters, A/D & D/A converters, monitoring amplifiers, and console–all are purpose-designed and handcrafted for the most optimum audio mastering experience. 

Despite the evolution of the high resolution download, audio mastering for CD remains an integral part of our production. We offer a DDP format for electronic delivery of listening references. This results in more secure and quicker turnaround times for the client and faster delivery to the CD manufacturer. We supply our DDP player software for your convenience.

We also offer secure delivery of WAV masters to our clients. Whichever audio format you prefer, we will deliver as requested. Contact us with more details on your mastering project and we will guide you every step of the way!