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Vinyl Cutting: Reference and Master Lacquers

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Vinyl room | The Bakery MasteringAffectionately named “RoboLathe,” The Bakery’s vinyl cutting lathe is unlike any other – meeting the sonic demands of modern music production with the vinyl format. Our Neumann VMS 70 lathe with the SX-74 cutterhead is powered by a DSP-based platform (patent-pending) designed by The Bakery’s owner, Eric Boulanger.

In addition to sonics never before achieved with vinyl, this system is fully automated ensuring nuances perfected in mastering are saved, and fully repeatable. Previously famed mastering engineer Stan Ricker’s lathe (noted for cutting a large portion of Mobile Fidelity’s catalog), we have maintained #RoboLathe’s half speed cutting capabilities. Combined Vinyl Mastering | The Bakery Masteringwith the Bakery’s experienced and artistic vinyl mastering engineers, you will receive the very best reproduction of your music for the medium.

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